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Havoc and other mayhem

Good People Doing Bad Things

  • Scion calls it quits...


    After 13 years Toyota drops the Scion brand claiming poor sales as the reason. While sales for the current offering of Scion cars has sputtered to a slow trickle, it is not from lack of interest in the brand from Millennials like many are offering as the reason - it has to do with Scion leadership ignoring the foundation it was created on - YOUTH

    Studies has presented data showing that the average age for Scion owners is 49 - that is not very youthful... Part of this is based on the owner is the parents of teen age kids who want the control of owning the car, while the other part is Scion evolved from FUN and YOUTHFUL to lame and average, very quickly... The FLAGSHIP for the company was always the funny looking xB model from 2004-2006. Scion screwed the pooch when the decided the awesome, cheap, roomy "Toaster" needed a make over in to a large, flowing turd. The designer for the 2008 Scions should be shot, The xB is huge and worthless while the xD looks like a baby brother of the xB with large pillars in the rear that just weigh the visuals of the car down.

    One saving grace from the 20008 model year is they didn't let the asshat that messed up the xB touch the tC - while at least until 2010 when the redesign happened, its also the time people started to talk about the Scion side project falling apart as sells of everything were just garbage... Here is a clue Toyota, Scion failed because you abandoned the core values you launched with while other companies started to join the market with cars like the Kia Soul, and Nissan cube.

    The next "quality" move from Scion was to build the iQ - the smallest, ugliest Scion to date - sorry no-one looks kewl in one of those things much less kid rollin up to the High School driving one. The last ditch efforts of the FR-S and iM were just too late to save any at Scion.

    What Scion should of evolved into - Americas youth is used to being ignored by auto companies with large manufactures bailing out of key target markets leaving 18-30 year olds to find something that can fit their lifestyles. A small pick-up based on the Ranger/S10 wheel base and size with 4x4 and a good price tag would have sparked some interest in the brand - sell it with the ability to lift it at the dealer with baja style bumpers and you wouldn't have been able to fill the orders. The other option would have been to include a value based convertible to the mix, bonus if it could compete with the Jeep Wrangler style while coming in at a better price. Outside of the 4x4 arena, Scion could have provided a sport based four door to compete with the Suburu imprezza WRX sedan filling the void made by the over sized feeling, and unattractive Mitsubishi Lancer (Mitsubishi will be the next company to fall out of the US auto market, do to poor design and bad vehicle class choices).

    The good news is Toyota will wrap some of the remaining Scions in to it's Toyota brand so its not abandoning the FR-S or iM, and looks like hopes are high that it might be releasing the C-HR sometime in the near furture. But Toyota is carrying some Scion baggage as well in by moving over of the iA. Needless to say - the magic of Scion is gone... and that makes me a little sad.

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